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Disposable Hazmat Suit - Protect Yourself From Harm
4 months ago


With the increase in cases of severe acute respiratory illness, the need for safe environmental clean-up has led to the manufacture of disposable hazmat suits. These protective garments are designed to be used and worn at the job site by the professional laborer or the individual that works in a medical setting where there is a risk of contact with biological hazards. Hazmat suits protect you from bodily fluids and infectious fluids that are harmful to your health. While there have been no instances of people becoming ill due to disposables, it is highly recommended that all persons using disposable hazmat suits wear them at the job site. 


At  Penn Care Hazmat suits come in two forms; the full coverall and the half coverall. The half coverall type is most commonly used in industrial settings and the full coverall style is preferred for more rugged work or when a more secure option is needed. Both types offer superior protection from dust and airborne hazards while still allowing the ability to breathe comfortably.


Disposable hazmat suits consist of a heavy-duty tent covering with zippers, adjustable straps for a secure fit, front and back flaps with water-resistant gaskets, and easy cleaning. In addition to these attributes, many different accessories are available for the style of suit that you choose. Some of these include attached masks, dust covers, and goggles. The design of the disposable hazmat suit is such that it can be worn as an over the shoulder, over the chest, or around the head.


Disposable hazmat suits from Penn Care are made from a variety of materials including vinyl, polyester and Dacron. Some styles are made with natural fibers like cotton or wool. You will find styles available that are specifically manufactured for automotive or construction industries. Most have the same basic features, but there are those that have added benefits like double layered Dacron lining that provides superior ventilation. There are even some styles with side pockets to hold either an air tank or compressed air tool.


If you are looking for the most protection for your workplace, then a disposable breathing mask cover is an ideal choice. A typical respirator includes a face shield, a particulate filter, and a dust cover. A heavy-duty respirator like the Tyvek 400 is ideal for protecting yourself from chemical exposure in the workplace. It has a built-in storm flap that covers the entire mouth and nose, keeping out dirt and debris. It also includes a one-piece storm zipper to protect the respirator from water or wind.

The respirator above has all of the protective features that are needed for a safe workplace. It is made with Dacron, a breathable material that is lightweight. Included in the box is a pair of disposable Tyvek 400 masks, a dust cover, and a coordinating dust bag. The price for all of this is under two dollars.  
You can get more enlightened on this topic by reading here:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Medical_device.

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